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The 1970's were a magical time if you were a kid in a Rock-n-Roll band in New York City. There was a scene, a big music scene with clubs downtown, midtown, uptown and out of town. There was so much music being made by young bands that was fresh--a Renaissance, if you will, of new ideas-- taking rock-n-roll to the next level.

Rags was in the middle of these exciting times with their raw, straight-ahead brand of rock-n-roll.

Disciples of the many British Bands, and proud of it, Rags always mixed those influences in their songs. Driving up-tempo numbers and pop rock-n-roll tunes is what Rags did best.

Filled with powerful hooks, so many of these songs still hold up today.

A healthy following, a happening band and a thriving scene made New York City "The" place to be.

RAGS, click for a larger view

Rags Captured those days with their music-- and what great days they were. So whether you are listening for the first time or reliving a part of your own past, sit back and enjoy!

We had us a real good time ! Cheers!

, a collection of live and studio recordings from Rags

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RAGS, click for a larger view
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